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Protimeter Surveymaster

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The Protimeter Surveymaster (BLD5365) is a newly developed dual mode moisture meter which allows the user to distinguish between sub-surface and surface moisture.

Centring around the enhanced ergonomic case, instruments larger digital LCD backlit screen eliminates the moisture readings, supported by 60 coloured LEDs depicting the severity of the moisture reading.

Durable and rugged construction
Large, clear backlit display
Measure mode - Direct two-pin measure %WME
Search mode - Non-invasive measuring - no pin marks left
Colour changing LED’s to show moisture condition
Reset reading for sensitivity adjustment
Wide range of accessory plugins
Industry leading 2-year warranty

Allows rapid assessment of building moisture
Instant readings in a wide range of building materials
Detects moisture directly in materials
Detects moisture below wall / floor coverings (tile, wood, vinyl)
Non-invasive measurement not adversely affected by surface moisture
Two meters in one

Measure Mode
Utilising the two-pins at the top of the instrument, a direct reading of the surface moisture level can be read. Measure mode readings are precise and specific to the immediate area of contact of the electrodes. The numerical values displayed in the LCD display represent the actual percent moisture content of wood (% MC) and the wood moisture equivalent (WME) of concrete, dry wall and other materials.

• Pin-type probes measure moisture in wood and other building materials
• Deep wall probes establish the presence of moisture in wall cavity insulation, sub and surface structures
• Hammer electrode can be used to measure the moisture level at depths wood floors.

Search Mode (non-invasive)
Measures moisture beneath the surface without drilling holes to a nominal depth of 0-20mm. Hold against the wall to allow a radio signal to penetrate the surface. This is the best method for assessing the moisture content beneath a tiled / covered surface. The relative moisture level of the material under investigation on a scale of 0-999.

The search mode is used to assess the moisture level beneath the surface of solid walls and floors independently of surface conditions. The nominal depth of the measurement is 3/4 inch (19 mm); this depends on the density and other characteristics of the material being measured. When held against the surface, as shown below, the instrument transmits a signal into the material. The relative moisture level is shown on the digital display and its moisture condition is shown on the accompanying scale of color-coded lights.

Digital Readings
The Protimeter Survymaster features two displays that are synchronized, a digital LCD display supported by a colour-coded LED scale.

The LCD display shows the digital readings for both the measure and search modes. The colour coded LED scale indicates the material’s moisture condition, helping to support the readings. This provides a very simple way to determin if the readings are Dry, Borderline and Damp.

Supplied with:

  • 5" (127 mm) deep wall probes
  • Heavy duty moisture probe
  • Pin Calibration check
  • 2 spare pins
  • Soft Pouch
  • 9v battery
  • Operators Instructions
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • FREE Delivery
Protimeter Warranty

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