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Protimeter Mini

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The Protimeter Mini is a small hand held digital moisture meter designed for general purpose moisture detection applications in construction materials, timber, floors and buildings.

Simple Moisture Detection
The Protimeter Mini moisture meter is ideal for assessing the moisture condition in a wide range of applications due to the instruments durability and simple design. A color-coded scale enables the user to assess the moisture level at a glance.

The numerical values represent the actual percent moisture content of wood (% MC) and the wood moisture equivalent (WME) of concrete, dry wall and other materials. The Protimeter Mini can be used to determine if the fabrics of a building are in a Dry, Borderline and Damp.

General Building Surveying
The Protimeter Mini moisture meter is ideally suited for the detection of moisture within buildings. Its simple design aids when evaluating a structure for moisture content through the simple colour-code scale. As a result the Protimeter Mini has become the preferred choice amongst building surveyors and estate agents.

Measure Moisture In Walls
The Protimeter Mini moisture meter can measure the moisture content deep within a wall by utilisation of the optional deep wall probes regardless of the surface condition.

Supplied with:

  • Extension pin probe
  • Calcheck device
  • Pouch with belt loop
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Operators Instructions
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • FREE Delivery
Protimeter Warranty

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