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Digital Floor Hygrometer + FREE BUTYL TAPE ROLL

  • £99.00  exc. VAT

  • One of the easiest building moisture meters to use
  • Designed to assist the flooring professional in determining the ERH of floor screeds and sub floor slabs
  • Accurate thermo-hygrometer – indicates both relative humidity and air temperature
  • Temperature measurement can be important as it affects the humidity reading
  • Thermo-hygrometer records min and max values whilst it remains switched on
  • Battery life – 5000 hours continuous use
  • For best results requires butyl tape to allow air-tight seal to the surface of the substrate under test


  • Max and Min memory on RH% and oC
  • Real time RH% and oC display
  • Measurement range: 20-99%; Accuracy +/- 3%; 0-50oC; Accuracy +/- 1oC
  • Display resolution: 1%
  • Display update: 10 seconds
  • Power supply: 3v 2032 Coin Cell

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