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Protimeter Hygromaster L c/w Hygrostick

  • £307.00  exc. VAT

The Protimeter Hygromaster L is the latest in handheld hygrometry technology, featuring a simple to use interface and multi-function capability.

Features and Benefits
• Dewpoint and Specific Humidity (GPP, g/Kg)
• Simple to use interface
• Fast response
• High accuracy
Replaceable humidity and temperature sensor

Key DifferencesNote BLD7751L with short QuickStick is recommended for general measurement and BLD7750L with Hygrostick is recommended for high RH harsh environment application such as ERH concrete floor measurement.

Supplied with:

  • Hygrostick sensor (30 - 100 %rh)
  • Carry case 
  • 9v Alkaline battery
  • Operators Instructions
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • FREE Delivery
  • FREE Memory Stick

Protimeter Warranty

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